Comparison of cloud storage services

As I noticed that the existing comparisons are lacking, by being either limited to only the big three/four/whatever cloud services, by being sponsored (secretly) or by looking like a web 1.0 table (Wikipedia), I've put this together, initially just to compare them for myself.

Before you ask, no I won't add this new amazing cloud service. I've looked into this last year as well and most of last years cheapest services are discontinued. I don't think anyone like to move their backups around every year. So the services listed are an arbitrary selection of long-time active businesses.

Version history Free space (GB) webdav or equiv. 100 GB/month5 € / GB5 Speed, stability8 Streaming video File size (GB)3 Linux client Other advantages
Baidu Netdisc1 no 1000 no € - € - 1 yes no limit no Download stats
Tencent Weiyun1 no 1000 no € - € - 2 no 32 yes  
Mediafire Pro no 50 no € 3.38 € 0.0034 3 no 20 file server Download stats
Synology DS cloud6 yes 0 yes € 5.28 € 0.0053 1 yes no limit yes Can access data physically if needed
Onedrive Office 365 no4 25 yes € 5.75 € 0.0058 2 no 10 file server Windows integration, comes with Office 365
Bitcasa Premium yes 0 yes € 7.50 € 0.0075   yes no limit yes  
Home server7 yes 0 yes € 9.72 € 0.0097 1 yes no limit yes Server can be used as PC, can access data physically if needed
Dropbox Pro free4 5 no € 8.33 € 0.0083 5 yes no limit yes Document editing
Spideroak One yes 0 no € 9.68 € 0.0097   no no limit yes  
Yandex.Disk no 10 yes € 1.50 € 0.0150 4 yes 10 yes  
Google Drive free 15 no € 2.17 € 0.0217 5 yes no limit no Google (Android) integration, document editing
Sugarsync yes 0 no € 6.74 € 0.0674 4 yes no limit yes  
Box personal pro3 no 10 yes € 8.00 € 0.0800 4 no 5 webdav Document editing, Download stats
MozyHome yes 0 no € 8.24 € 0.0659 no limit yes Download stats Business Pro yes4 5 no € 3.6811 € 0.0074 yes no limit yes


  1. Baidu Netdisc and Tencent Weiyun are only available in Chinese, speeds are slow (50/20 MB/s for Baidu, Weiyun is acceptable) and the connection is prone to drop during large downloads. Streaming is of course worthless when taking this into account.
  2. Ad supported downloads on web interface in free version.
  3. Box offers a € 4 / month plan with similar services, but only for at least 3 users (€ 12 /month).
  4. 30 day version history, OneDrive only offers version history for Microsoft Office files.
  5. Monthly payment required for at least 100 GB storage, based on yearly payment. If payment can only be done in USD, 1 USD = 0.9 EUR is assumed (includes some overhead for credit card/paypal costs). For the price per GB, the total storage you get for the plan is used, so that's why it's not the same as price per month divided by 100.
  6. Based on 8 W Synology DS115j with 1TB disk over 3 years. Off-site backup not included. Electricity price taken as €0.20 per kWh.
  7. Based on € 250 server (Intel Skylake Dual Core) with one 1 TB HDD, 20 W power consumption 24/7. Off-site backup, possible software costs and internet plan not included. Electricity price taken as €0.20 per kWh. Of course you can make it as crazy as possible, but if you want high upload speeds and a reliabiltity comparable with commercial services, you need a 4 disk RAID array, reliable offsite backup and a high speed internet plan.
  8. Based on own testing, reviews and in the case of self-hosted, a basic internet plan.
  9. File size limits more than 1TB are assumed to be 'limitless'
  10. May not include tax, as it is a 'business' plan.